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Stakeholder Model

Stakeholder Model

As the backbone of our business practices at First United, the stakeholder model encompasses the union and balance between First United and the five groups of stakeholders that equally contribute to the success of our company: our customers, employees, partners, communities, and shareholders. The principles expressed by our commitment to uphold this model originate from our belief that doing business with First United should be a winning situation for everyone involved. The five segments of the stakeholder model are interdependent and equally influential over one another, and as such shape the business ideals of our organization. Uncovering a path to success for everyone involved with First United is our primary goal. In the words of First United's owner and Chairman of the Board, John Massey:

"We know that our deposit customers want us to pay them more, our lending customers want to pay less. Our stockholders want a return, our employees want raises - our mission is to just do what is right."


The constant development of First United employees is crucial to the success of First United, and the success of everyone within our financial institution. We maximize the abilities and talents within each First United employee by providing resources and educational outlets that will help them reach their full potential professionally, and create a more fulfilling workplace environment. Empowering our employees to provide creative solutions to other stakeholders creates a business atmosphere where all of us can learn, and grow, together.


At First United, we make a promise to everyone who does business with us: we'll respect you and honor you as an individual and we will take the responsibility for helping you make financial choices that help you achieve your goals. We take on long term perspectives with our customers so that we can build long term relationships. We will make a difference in the financial lives of our customers by doing what is right, and by helping customers find their path to success through financial solutions that enable healthy financial lifestyles.


First United is owned by the Massey Family and its employees through Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), which means that everyone who works at First United benefits through our success. We exist to make a profit; we want to provide a return for our shareholders, have the ability to reinvest in our communities, and make working with First United, and for First United, as profitable as possible. Shareholders are due a return on their investment, and it is our responsibility to ensure we have the financial means necessary to generate that return. In the end, we understand that without profit there is no growth. Through accumulating profits our bank has the ability to reinvest in the communities we are proud to be a part of.


We take great pride in being a community bank. It is a privilege that comes with the responsibility to give back to our local communities, economically and philanthropically. Being a part of a community transcends banking, it corresponds to leadership, vision, and economic stimuli. We are a part of our hometown communities not as an independent institution, but as part of a financial ecosystem that flourishes when the entire environment is healthy. We invest in local markets with lending, leadership and service. Healthy hometown economies, and organizations that know they can count on our community banks for resources and support, demonstrate another inter-reliant aspect of this business model.

Partners & Suppliers

Building a broad spectrum of resources and networks that will enrich the productivity of our financial institution and thereby strengthen all aspects of the stakeholder model is the crux of the partners & suppliers portion. The collaborative nature of the long-term relationships we develop with suppliers creates a partnership that becomes mutually beneficial. When First United's level is elevated and we are able to provide innovative tools and ideas in which all our stakeholders benefit, our partners also profit from that collaborative effort. Our partnerships set us up for higher levels of success, for everyone involved.

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