Adding to Safe Sender List

Access to the forgiveness portal and login instructions will be delivered to you via email.
Please add the following email address to your "Safe Sender List":


  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon and select Settings.
  2. Click Filters and then Add.
  3. Enter a Filter Name.
  4. Complete one of these steps:
    1. Enter the domain of the email you want to allowlist in the Sender field.
    2. Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to.
  5. Click Save and then click Save again.


  1. Open a message from your preferred sender.
  2. Click the Add to Contacts link next to the sender's name.
  3. Hotmail now contains the sender's email address in your address book. You can click the Edit Contact link next to the name now to add more information.
  4. Enter more contact information and click Save when you finish.


Please visit the link below:

Outlook Safe Sender   


  1. Open a message from your preferred sender.
  2. Click the icon next to the sender's email address.

    yahoo 1

  3. Enter any additional information about the sender and click Add to Address Book.