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Our Response to COVID-19

Faith. Family. Integrity. Communities.

Updated 03/16/2020 -

First United Family,

For over 120 years, we have found that when we rely on our values, they steer us in the right direction, especially during times of uncertainty. At First United, we will choose to use our guiding principles of Faith, Family, Integrity, Life-long Learning, High Performance Teams, Relationships and Communities as just that, our guide for how to respond to the pandemic impacting our nation.

Faith is our first value for a reason. As we face overwhelming information, daunting statistics, and increasing concern, we will choose love over fear. God is our source of love. We will put our faith in Him and His love first, our families second, and our work third. He has equipped us with everything we need to stay calm and trust during this time. We will have unshakeable faith regardless.

Family is our foundation. Our family at home, work family, and families of others are whom we care about and cherish. They are the reason we wake up every morning and strive to be and do our best. We must take the steps necessary to protect their health and safety.

Our value of Integrity stands for high standards and our actions speaking louder than our words. We are to hold ourselves and each other accountable during this time. We must respectfully adhere to the recommendations put in place, such as staying home when we are not well, social distancing, and responding to the needs of those around us that need care.

Being Life-long Learners, we know that our data source is key to quality education. It is up to us to balance the opinions we are hearing and to stay up-to-date on key information from trusted sources such as the CDC, Presidential direction, etc. This is a time to lean on accurate, not fearful content.

There has never been a time more needed than now for us to combine our talents to succeed together. What we do matters. We need each member of our High Performance Teams leaning in and working together to meet the needs of our customers and communities. Over the coming days and weeks, we will each be asked to pull extra weight, as others need to be out taking care of themselves and loved ones.

We will meet others where they are during this time of need and we will do our best to help them with their needs. We will be generous, selfless, are compassionate. Our Relationships will grow even stronger during this time.

Our Communities need us more than ever. There will be small businesses struggling, customers overwhelmed with uncertainty, and daily financial matters that must be handled. We will continue to serve our communities through these trying times. We will make a difference in the lives of others through sharing our time and hearts. We will be there for others and work together with community leaders to persevere.

However, in order to uphold our values and lead in this way, we must start by taking care of ourselves. We cannot care for those around us if we ourselves are not healthy. We will do this by taking time to focus on our four pillars of Spend Life Wisely: Faith, Health and Wellness, Financial Well-Being and Personal Growth. Take time daily to encourage your faith, put your health first, make sure your financial house is in order, and stay informed on the changing world around us.

Thank you for your dedication to upholding our values. We will stand together in the face of adversity and step forward leading with love.

Greg Massey
CEO, First United Bank

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