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We are concerned about your safety while using the ATM/Night Deposit Facilities. Please take the following precautions to help ensure a safe transaction.

Protecting Account Information
• To minimize your time at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Night Deposit facility, always prepare your transaction at home. This includes completing any deposit slips, recording the transaction in the check register, etc.
• Save all ATM receipts. Do not leave the receipts at the ATM/Night Deposit facility in case there is important account information on the receipt. Retaining the receipt will also help with comparing transactions to account records.
• Upon receipt of bank statements, always compare records with receipts. Protecting ATM Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN)
• Never allow anyone to borrow your ATM card.
• Do not leave your card or important documents at the ATM/Night Deposit facility.
• Protect your PIN as if it were cash. Do not write your PIN in a place where it can easily be seen.
• Never give your ATM card or PIN information to anyone over the telephone.
• Prevent others from seeing your PIN when entering it at an ATM/Night Deposit Facility. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone.
• Promptly report any lost or stolen cards to 580-924-2211. 

Precautions When Using an ATM or Night Depository Facility
• Be aware of your surroundings especially at night. Ensure that all pathways to the ATM/Night Depository are properly illuminated and all surrounding areas are easily viewed from all different angles.
• Do not accept assistance from anyone that you do not know.
• If you notice anything suspicious, cancel your transaction and leave immediately.
• Do not display cash in the open.
• When at a drive-up ATM, ensure that all the doors on your vehicle are locked. 

Although ATM/Night Depository facilities crimes are rare, we want to ensure that all our customers are safe when using the ATM/Night Depository facilities. Please notify us if you see any problems such as areas where the lights are no longer working or if you notice any suspicious activities.

Updated 3/14/2016

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