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Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Routing Numbers: Oklahoma 103100881, Texas 111911321
Enrolling, Logging In, and Device Registration

To obtain your Online Banking ID, you can call First United at 800-924-4427 or visit a First United Bank location near you.

Yes, you can if it meets our password policy requirements as follows:
• At least 1 lower case
• At least 1 upper case
• At least 1 number
• At least 1 special character
• Minimum of 8 digits

You can try again after 60 minutes, or contact First United Bank to unlock your account immediately.

In order to better secure your information, we now have another layer of security to ensure that it's you. By providing a secure access code to the phone or email that you submitted when you opened your account, you are better protected.

By registering a device, we can tell it is you without the need to input a secure access code each time you login.

If the code was sent as email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

The SAC process is required each time you log into a different device for the first time. So the first login on the desktop and mobile app both requires a SAC. However, if you register the device, then you will not be asked for a SAC again.

Please call First United at 800-924-4427 to update the SAC delivery points.

There is most likely a browser setting on your device causing this issue, such as removing cookies or using different browsers for different sessions. Please refer to the Troubleshooting link on the website for specific settings needed for each browser type.

You would need to delete the cookie related to FUB's Online Banking site.

Within the navigation tab, click: Settings -> Security Preferences -> Change Password.

Mobile App

When accessing the new system for the first time via Mobile phone or tablet:
Apple online banking users can receive an automatic update (if your phone is set for automatic updates). Visit the Apple iTunes store to download the App if you cannot auto-update.

Google/Android users will need to go to the Google Play store and download the new 'blue' mobile App for the new system

General Online Banking

We are aware of an issue preventing the removal of a linked account and working on this issue. In the interim, please call First United at 800-924-4427 to complete this action.


Security and Transaction alerts are event driven and are sent once the event is recognized, so the user can't enter a time. Date, Account and History alerts are sent on a daily basis and do offer a specific time option.

Bill Pay

The bill pay cutoff time has already passed and you are being provided with the next available payment date.

Call First United at 800-924-4427 to assist you with determining the payment failure reason.

Account Transfers (Funds Transfer, Account to Account & External Transfers) and Linking Accounts

The transaction is most likely already in the 'Processed' status.

When you link an account from another financial institution, you have view only access to review the transaction details and balance of the account. You are unable to transfer or make a payment.

Whether you are transferring between your own accounts (Funds Transfer) or to another First United customer (Account to Account*), the transfer will be 'real time', in other words, instantly (within regular banking hours with a cut-off time of 7:00pm)

*Please note that for "Account to Account" transfer both parties must be enrolled in Online Banking

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