Direct Deposit

Save time with Direct Deposit from First United Bank!


Never worry about getting to the bank to make a deposit on payday. With direct deposit, relax and enjoy knowing that your account has already been credited.

Direct deposit is the safest and most convenient way for deposits to be made each pay period. Deposits are made electronically and setup through your employer, pension plan administrator, or the Social Security Administration.

Your account is credited on the actual pay date for fast and easy access to your money. Loan payments and distributions can be made through this convenient service, as well.

Locate your Routing Number and Account Number.

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  1. Bank routing transit number (RTN):
    This is the nine-digit number on the bottom left-hand corner of your checks, to the left of your account number.
  2. Account number:
    This 10-13 digit number is unique to your account. You will need it to set up direct deposit. You can also find this information on your account opening documents or account statement.
First United Routing Number(s)
Oklahoma 103100881
Texas 111911321


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