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First United Bank is proud to be part of the Small Business Administration (SBA)

Our experienced team will work with you to structure an SBA financing package that will enable you and your business to meet the challenges it encounters and to achieve your path to success. With over 50 years of cumulative experience with the SBA loan programs, we stand ready to assist you with an ideal financing solution.

With our Preferred Lender status, we can offer quick approvals from the SBA as well as competitive rates with flexible terms and conditions to help your business meet its financing needs.

Is an SBA Loan right for me?

Ask Yourself

  •   Do you want to purchase real estate or equipment rather than lease?
  •   Would you like to expand your current facilities / business operations?
  •   Do you have a need to refinance existing debt on better terms?
  •   Are you considering a partner buy-out or business acquisition?
  •   Could your business benefit from an infusion of much needed working capital?
  •   Are you starting up a new business venture or franchise?

If you checked off on any of these questions, then SBA might be a great option for your business needs. 


  •   Lower down payments / equity injection
  •   Lower injection helps preserve needed working capital especially in start up businesses.
  •   Longer finance terms allows for a lower monthly payment.
  •   Fully amortizing loans with no balloon payments
  •   Competitive rates
  •   PLP Lender allows for faster approvals from the SBA

If any of these benefits meet your business needs, then an SBA loan might be the right choice for you. 

Let us know how we can help meet your business needs.

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SBA Loan Solutions2

  • SBA 7(a) Program

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    Used for a number of expenses, including working capital, plant and equipment, real estate and business acquisitions.

    • Purchase/Refinance of real estate
    • Construction/Expansion
    • Purchase Equipment / FF&E
    • Business Acquisitions
    • Leasehold Improvements and Working Capital
    • Debt Refinance1
  • SBA 504 Program

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    Designed for businesses looking to acquire fixed assets like real estate and equipment.

    • Purchase/Refinance of real estate
    • Construction / Expansion of facilities
    • Purchase long life machinery and equipment

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SBA Success Stories

  • Satisfied SBA 7(a) Loan Customers

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    RV and Mini-warehouse

    Expansion/New Construction Project

    Included the second phase construction of new units after financing the original facility’s construction. $1,494,00 100% financing using existing real estate equity, 20 year term with 12 months interest only period for construction period.

    Automotive Repair

    Expansion For 2nd Location

    Included the construction of a new facility, purchase of equipment and working capital. $874,000, 25 year amortization, 15% equity.

    Business Acquisition

    Parts Business

    Partner buyout of existing long time business with debt refinance and working capital. $923,000, 10 year amortization using partner’s existing equity.

  • Satisfied SBA 504 Loan Customers

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    New Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility

    New Construction

    Covered ground up construction of a new facility, including construction hard and soft costs, furniture and equipment. $7,950,200 with a $4,968,700 first lien and $2,981,500 2nd lien. First lien 10 year term with 25 year amortization with a 24 month interest only for construction period and 20% equity injection.

    Full Service Restaurant

    Business Expansion 4th Location

    Included the construction of a new facility, debt refinance and purchase off FF&E. $2,214,000 with a $1,230,000 1st lien and a $984,000 2nd lien. First lien on a 20 year fully amortization with additional 12 months interest only period during construction. 10% equity injection.

1  Debt refinancing is the replacement of an existing debt(s) by means of another debt with more favorable terms and/or conditions. Consult with a qualified Loan Officer for more details.

2  All programs subject to credit approval and loan amounts are subject to creditworthiness. Some restrictions may apply. The term, amount, interest rate and repayment schedule for your loan, and any product features, including interest rate locks, may vary depending on your creditworthiness and on the type, amount and collateral for your loan.