Spend Life Wisely


We are each blessed with an impressive balance sheet of life moments to spend, and to cherish. To help you make the most of your life's moments, First United Bank is here with advice and tools to use along your journey as you realize your fullest potential. This is how we are changing the world - one customer, one family, one community at a time.

Four Pillars: A Holistic Approach

To truly Spend Life Wisely it takes a holistic approach that encompasses faith, financial well-being, health and wellness, and personal growth. We invite you to learn more about the Four Pillars and how to bring each into your daily routine.

  • Faith

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    Treasure your faith.

    Allow God to guide your heart to a life of meaning and purpose, putting Him at the center of everything you do, inspiring you to serve others with love and compassion.

  • Financial Well-Being

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    Care for your money.

    Be intentional with both your saving and spending to make the most of what you are given, gaining financial peace of mind to support yourself and those you love.

  • Health

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    Invest in your wellness.

    Care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to be at your best for yourself and others, living each day to its fullest.

  • Growth

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    Enrich your mind.

    Never stop learning and growing so that you may realize your fullest potential, live your purpose, and achieve your greatest success.


Free Resources

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Articles, Tips & Advice

You have unlimited access to an entire library of over 200 articles and blog entries that provide insights and tips on everything from healthy eating to money management to exploring your faith.

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Financial Calculators

Need help with numbers? With just a few clicks, these easy-to-use online calculators can help you better things like budgeting, mortgage affordability and saving for retirement. 

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Enjoy free interactive coaching and seminars that cover topics like setting up your new business, getting ready for retirement or reducing debt.