Online Banking: Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling, Logging In, & Device Registration


  • Can you set the time for the Alerts?

    Security and Transaction alerts are event driven and are sent once the event is recognized, so the user can't enter a time. Date, Account and History alerts are sent on a daily basis and do offer a specific time option.

Bill Pay

Account Transfers & Linking Accounts

Funds Transfer, Account to Account & External Transfers

  • Why can't I cancel a transfer online?

    The transaction is most likely already in the 'Processed' status.

  • What is a "Linked Account"?

    When you link an account from another financial institution, you have view only access to review the transaction details and balance of the account. You are unable to transfer or make a payment.

  • How long does a transfer take to process?

    Whether you are transferring between your own accounts (Funds Transfer) or to another First United customer (Account to Account*), the transfer will be 'real time', in other words, instantly (within regular banking hours with a cut-off time of 7:00pm)

    *Please note that for "Account to Account" transfer both parties must be enrolled in Online Banking