Purchase Alerts

Why is this important? Visa Purchase Alerts can keep your account secure by empowering you to catch fraud. It also sends you real-time1 text or email alerts when you pay with your Visa® card2!

Get started with just 3 easy steps:

Two hands one holding a card while entering information on laptop

Step 1

Check to make sure your card is eligible3 (check your eligibility here.)

One hand holding phone and the other holding card

Step 2

Register your mobile device and email to receive Visa Purchase Alerts.

Happy man holding phone

Step 3

Choose the notification triggers that match your needs. You’ll get real-time1 text or email alerts based on your selected criteria.


Let’s work together to keep your account secure. Start receiving alerts today!

1  Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area.

2  A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa®.

3  Visa Purchase Alerts may not be available in all areas. Account activity qualifying for Visa Purchase Alerts may vary by issuer.