Change Your Savings Habits, Change Your Life!

Financial well-being February 22, 2022 By Lisa Crawford

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to improve yourself financially, prepare your taxes, or annual financial planning, the first quarter of the year is when a lot of us have money on our mind. Not just money, but improving our relationship with money – we want more of it!

But many of us fail at improving our financial picture. We know we should seek improvement. We even know how (fewer Starbucks and shopping less), but few of us actually follow through.

The last thing anyone needs is a constant reminder about saving money. Instead, realize you will move toward your goals if you have a strong enough WHY mixed with a dash of HOW. Check out this habit-changing formula for success that merges the HOW and WHY of saving:

·         Make the saving habit achievable – As children, none of us were able to walk when we first appeared on this Earth. First, we crawled. Then we found our feet, and slowly moved from one sturdy surface to another until we took our first “baby” steps.  Wobbling and plopping down occasionally, we learned we could move and go faster, and suddenly the baby steps became sure-footed triumphs. There was no stopping us! That is exactly how we need to view a new habit – in baby steps until we see we can do it.  Have a goal of something small by having a “baby step” amount taken from your paycheck and deposited automatically into a savings account. Have a small goal for your first attempt at the savings habit. Then…take off and run!

·         Make your saving habit a priority – As you begin to save, make a commitment to yourself.  You may not appreciate today that you are saving and maybe even sacrificing, but your future self will be thankful. There will always be something else to spend your money, time, and effort on. That is just a way of life. But if you look at your savings habit and your goals as a priority, the other things pulling at your emotions will lose importance. Always keep your savings habit and subsequent goals a top priority.

·         Visualize the successful result of your savings – As your savings habit grows, your goals will undoubtedly become bigger. Maybe you would like to spend time on the beach in a warmer climate during the winter. Visualize & actually feel yourself in the beautiful blue water soaking up the warm rays of sun as you feel the stress of cold winter temperatures melt and fade away. Knowing that is your goal and imagining it in detail will help you stay the course and continue to press on. 

 No matter your saving goals, take those “baby steps” and get started now. Your future self will thank you!

By Lisa Crawford

Financial Well-Being Specialist, First United Bank - Marble Falls

Lisa Crawford has over 15 years of banking experience and works at our Marble Falls location. She graduated from the University of Texas in Tyler with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Lisa has been blessed in the accounting profession as an oil & gas accountant, and in the banking industry in Texas and Missouri as a Controller, corporate accountant, and financial analyst. 

Lisa’s passion and ministry have been helping and teaching others to become financially free. Now, as a Financial Well-Being Specialist with First United bank, she will be helping employees, customers, businesses, and organizations learn to “spend life wisely.” 

She and her husband of 30+ years have two daughters, one son-in-law, and the two best and most beautiful grandkids in the world.