Does Your Business Need Help Working Remotely?

Financial well-being March 26, 2020 By First United Bank

First United Bank is ready to assist you in developing a plan to help you work remotely. Our Treasury Management experts can consult on best business practices and ways to enable you to continue safeguarding your funds and conducting business as usual. We are available to educate your staff and support your organization with our knowledge and experience. The considerations on the right will help you get started.

Online Banking Setup

  • Do you need a back-up admin?
  • Have you downloaded a virtual secure token?
  • Do you have appropriate ACH/Wire limits?
  • Have you setup Email Alerts?

First United Mobile App

Have you downloaded our mobile app? Our app is designed with the following functions:

  • Review balances and conduct internal funds transfers
  • ACH – Full function*
  • Add Manual Positive Pay Entries
  • Decision Positive Pay Exceptions*
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture*

*If enrolled/approved for service.

ACH Service

  • Safest way to move funds
  • Cost effective
  • Utilize service via mobile app

Fraud Services

In a time of crisis, fraud unfortunately becomes prevalent. Consider implementing these services:

  • ACH Block
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Check Positive Pay

For help or additional information, please contact your local Treasury Management Officer at 800-924-4427 or visit

By First United Bank