Newt Mitchell

Personal growth November 16, 2021 By First United Bank

The only thing more inspiring than our customers’ success stories is when they channel that success into helping those in need. Newt Mitchell is one shining example.


The term “business leader” is often used to describe someone who excels at growing a company and building wealth. But in the case of an individual like Newt Mitchell, it means a whole lot more.

Newt’s business success is proven—he founded Mitchell’s Jewelry in 1981 and grew the business steadily thanks to his friendly personality and strong work ethic. And when he met with long-time associate and First United lender Steve Faler, it was clear that he was destined for bigger things. With Steve’s financial expertise and guidance, Newt was able to secure the financing necessary to expand to his current location at Main and 24th Street in Norman.

Opening the new store opened the door for Newt’s leadership to really shine, in his generous support of Royal Family Kids Camp.


Royal Family Kids Camp is an annual summer camp in the local foster care system. The camp gives foster kids a one-week opportunity to enjoy summer like an ordinary child. It’s a fun environment where they can forget the worries and stress of everyday life and just be kids. The whole thing is made possible by local fundraisers that cover every penny of the cost. And of course, by the 100-plus generous folks like Newt who volunteer every year.

Through his involvement with Royal Family Kids Camp—as both a financial contributor and counselor—Newt has been able to fully realize his vision of helping those who need it most. This type of leadership proves that while a successful business may economically strengthen our communities, only strong values and a commitment to doing what’s right can strengthen the people.


At First United, we share Newt’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others. We believe that the true measure of success is based not on what we are able to acquire, but rather on what we are willing to give back. It’s the most rewarding part of being a community bank—working with customers who let generosity drive their actions.

Empowering small business owners to make a big difference. It’s just one more way First United helps our neighbors SPEND LIFE WISELY®.

By First United Bank