Personal Growth Book Club

Personal growth June 03, 2020 By Shauna Sellers

Looking for a way to connect with others and grow yourself at the same time? Consider creating a Personal Growth Book Club!

Here are some steps that will help lead your book club to success: 

  1. Create a group of family, friends, colleagues, or strangers that all have a desire to grow and connect!
  2. Have the group pick a Personal Growth book to read. Click here to check out First United's Recommended Reading list for 2020.
  3. Create a schedule of weekly or monthly meetings to meet safely. This can be done virtually with tools such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or a basic conference call.
  4. Choose a number of chapters that is feasible for the group to complete and report on each meeting.
  5. Pick a leader for each meeting to set up the next meeting, drive the meeting discussion points, and hold each other accountable.
  6. Remember “Vegas Rules" and create a safe environment for people to open up and share true thoughts and feelings.
  7. Use your meetings to discuss top takeaways or points that really spoke to them. Here are some suggested meeting discussion points:
    • Have team bring back 3 bullet points they captured.
    • How does the content relate to their personal or work experiences
    • How can they see themselves using the new information in the future and/or make an action plan

For any questions or suggested ideas, please reach out to me or anyone on our First United Learning & Development team.

By Shauna Sellers

Banking Officer/Training Program Manager, First United Bank