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Single Login

The first thing you likely noticed on the site is the new login. In the Upper Right-Hand section of the homepage you'll see a Red Button. After selecting your account type, you'll have a chance to enter your login info and go to your online account. After you login, you'll notice that the online banking experience stays the same. We just made it easier to get there.

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Intuitive Search

Looking for something? It's as easy as typing in a few keywords, or even a sentence describing what you need help with. Similar to search engines like Google, our intelligent search system will accept your words and seek out the information on the First United site that best fits your needs.

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Location Finder

Whether you need to find a location across town or across a state border, our new location finder will help you get to a First United Community Bank or ATM. Search using a full street address or just use a city or ZIP. The website will help you get where you're going. You'll see the location on an interactive map along with details that include: street address, phone, services, and hours of operation.

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Spend life wisely

When we say we're here to help you Spend Life Wisely, we mean it! We have close to 100 articles, videos and interactive tools to help you learn something new and make your life even better. Whether you're interested in learning about Financial Well-Being, Faith, Health or Personal Development, we have content that you can put to use immediately.

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