Financial Well-Being Video Series

Financial well-being June 15, 2021 By First United Bank

Strength & Stability For Your Financial Journey

Welcome friends! We are Jennifer Henagar and Lisa Crawford, certified Financial Well-Being Coaches, and we’re so glad you’re here. Join us on a journey to help you on yours- from surviving to reviving to thriving! In this three part video series, together we explore bringing strength and stability to our financial journeys from building an emergency savings, to giving ourselves some self-care with mindful spending, and finally with strategies to thrive with plans to become debt-free. We’re so excited to help you on your journey- let’s get started!


Survive, Revive, Thrive Video Series Trailer



EPISODE ONE Two women in yellow raincoat standing in the rain


EPISODE TWO Two woman in pink shirts at the park talking


EPISODE THREE Two woman with aprons and chef hat in the kitchen baking






Learn how to "Survive" life's unexpected challenges by learning ways to set aside money for those unexpected emergencies.






Learn how to "Revive" your spending and money behaviors by exploring triggers that make you want to spend money.






Learn how to "Thrive" with two proven strategies to tackle paying off your debt.

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