Staying Motivated with Healthy Habits

Health and wellness May 13, 2020 By Barbara Carnahan

I used to look at people who were ALWAYS motivated and wondered if they were wired differently than others. Were some people naturally high performers and maybe others weren’t? I learned in my late 20’s that the people who appeared to always be motivated were actually no different than anyone else—they just learned the secret sauce to creating habits. Because NEWS FLASH: we won’t ALWAYS be motivated! But if we have habits in place for the goal we’re trying to achieve, we’re 100% more likely to get there.

So how do you implement a new habit to get to a goal or create a healthier life?

All habits are set up like this:

  1. CUE

For example:

  1. CUE: Alarm goes off
  2. ACTION: Get ready for work
  3. REWARD: Prepared for your day

If you want to implement a NEW, healthy habit like working out, here’s what you would change:

  1. CUE: Alarm goes off (a little earlier so you’re still on time!)
  2. ACTION: Put on workout clothes & head straight to workout
  3. REWARD: Confidence boost, energy & taking care of your health (WINNING!)

You always want to piggyback a new habit off of a habit that you already have in place. You’re already in the habit of setting your alarm, you’re just changing your response to it. Once you start doing this consistently, you’ll automatically head to put your workout clothes on, just like you drive to work without even thinking about where you’re going.

These habits create energy around the goals that are important to you, hence giving you the secret sauce high performers use to stay MOTIVATED! Choose one habit you’d like to implement and try it for yourself. You’re worth creating a life you love and your habits are a huge part of that.

By Barbara Carnahan

Director of Wellness, First United Bank - McKinney

Barbara is a passionate health & wellness professional with a background in corporate wellness, coaching, personal training & nutrition consulting. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney & holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Personal Training Institute & Faster Way to Fat Loss. Her specialty is making healthy living easy for everyone. Barbara resides in McKinney, TX with her husband & three daughters.