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Financial well-being December 12, 2022 By First United Bank

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas often bring in more sales than any other time for small businesses. This is often the biggest opportunity to generate material revenue that can help you grow your business and grow your profits. This is also an opportunity for the major retailers and online companies to capture revenue. This isn’t new news to small business owners – it’s a daily reality.

That reality isn’t a reason for alarm or pessimism. Quite the opposite! Local businesses can set themselves apart from national brands and gain meaningful sales. As holiday shopping ensues, let's look at simple ways to get your customers in-store and buying more.

Focus on a personal touch.

While the online shopping experience is convenient and offers a wide variety of products, it lacks the personal touch many customers are still looking for. Up your customer's in-store shopping experience by adding simple, inexpensive touches to your products and services. Things as simple as a birthday card, thank you note, frequent shopper perks, and free local delivery goes a long way to making your customers feel important and valued, which will keep them coming back.

Give back.

This holiday season, lift the world with the spirit of giving by volunteering your time to organizations helping the less fortunate, donating a small percentage of your sales to charity, or providing items or services to non-profit auctions. Giving back positively impacts your community, and your customers will feel great knowing they are making a difference when they support your business.

Give away freebies.

Create a gratitude loop that will make customers want to spend more with your business by giving away freebies this holiday season. Ideas include free in-store treats and coffee while shopping, a gift on purchases of $75 or more, complimentary holiday wrapping, or free shipping this Christmas.

Connect with them.

Take the time to get to know your customers on a deeper level this holiday season by creating content that will speak directly to them. Engaging in two-way conversations, listening to feedback, and offering customer support will help your business make meaningful connections with customers. Personalizing messages and tailoring demographics show your customers that you understand them and their needs.

The opportunity for the holiday season goes beyond sales; it is a chance to surprise and delight your customers, so carry these tips throughout the year to help create the perfect shopping environment for your business year-round.

By First United Bank