What Will Your Legacy Be?

Personal growth December 12, 2022 By First United Bank

How do you want to be remembered? It's a question we all must consider. The answer may be simple to some; they want to leave behind a legacy of success, love, or happiness. For others, the answer may be more complicated; they may wish to leave a legacy of creativity or to make a difference in the world. No matter your answer, one thing is certain - leaving a legacy isn't a choice, but the kind of legacy you leave is up to you.

We often think of legacies in tangible or financial terms – possessions or money one leaves to a child, a loved one, or an institution. This is an unfortunate mistake because our legacy is so much more. Yes, a legacy can be tangible, but it also consists of precious memories, hopes and dreams, advice received, and the values we instill in others.

As we end another year, let us look forward by reflecting on our legacy by considering a few important ideas.

Know who you are.

Knowing who we are is the beginning of knowing our legacy. The lives we touch and paths we intersect are all entwined and are the foundation of our existence. Isaac Newton once wrote, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

When envisioning your legacy, remember that who you are today hasn't been shaped by your effort alone. You are the product of thousands of hours of investment by parents, teachers, friends, coworkers, and your community. So, as you consider what your influence on future generations will be, consider their legacy to you, the giants on whose shoulders you have stood.

Know your purpose.

The best possible legacy any of us can have begins with our purpose. Knowing our "why" means knowing our direction in life, what we are passionate about, and where to concentrate our energy so that we get there.

Purpose gives meaning to life, and when we apply that purpose to the world around us, we leave our mark because when purpose is applied to community, it becomes an impact. Find your purpose, and your legacy will follow.

Live your legacy.

Leaving a positive legacy is important but less important than living your legacy. Living your legacy means you live in such a what that you pass your values, passions, time, or money on while you are still here. It starts with asking yourself: Am I doing something good when I can? Am I giving of myself? Am I leaving the world a better place? Your answers to these simple questions can inspire action.

Legacy isn't just a one-time, end-of-your-life assignment; it is never too early to consider your impact on the world. After all, the sum of how you live your life each day becomes your legacy for always.

By First United Bank