Ten Simple Ways to Give Back

Personal growth December 12, 2022 By First United Bank

The holidays often feel like the busiest time of year, but they can also be the perfect time to take a moment to focus on the importance of gratitude and giving back. There are many ways your business can give back to employees, customers, and the community, all while building a positive company culture, spreading joy, and making an impact. Check out these ten simple ways your business can give this holiday season:

Organize a food drive. Food insecurity is a massive global issue. Organize a food drive to help underprivileged families put food on their tables this holiday season, or collect non-perishable food items and donate them to a local charity that provides food to those in need.

Volunteer together. Deliver meals to people who cannot get out, sort food at a food bank, or spend time visiting seniors. Allowing your employees time off work to volunteer as a team is a great team-building experience; plus, you'll get your business's brand out in the community while helping a local cause.

Employee donation match. Select a charity that aligns with your business, encourage your employees to donate, and then match their donations to increase the impact. Or have your employees give to charities of their choice, and your business can match their donations.

Sponsor a family. Sponsoring a family is an incredibly personal way to give back because it allows you to buy presents off of each family member's Christmas list so that they each receive something special during Christmas. Select a family in need through a local non-profit and come together as a team to gift them with needed items and special gifts.

Donate services or products. Engage your community by donating services or products to your community this holiday season. The key is to identify services or products where you can meet a community need and then creatively fill that gap with top-quality services or products that only your team can provide.

Help animals in need. Many animal shelters rely on volunteers and donations to provide a safe place for needy animals. Have your team volunteer for a day, walking dogs and spending time with cats and other animals, or drop off donations and supplies.

Give to the planet. Most wrapping paper is not recyclable and ends up in landfills. Go green this holiday season by setting up a wrapping station at your business using only brown paper. Encourage employees and customers to bring presents they need to have wrapped and have a wrapping party.

Reward your employees. Show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving them extra time off to enjoy family and friends. And if you can't afford to give everyone time off, express your gratitude with a handwritten note.

Show gratitude to your customers. Let your customers know how grateful you are for their loyalty and support by offering a special holiday discount on your services or products.

Keep giving. A giving attitude can change your work culture, so keep the holiday-giving spirit alive year-round. The festive lights and decorations might have to come down, but your businesses' commitment to giving can continue.

FUB Tip: Giving doesn't have to center around the holidays. Practice giving year-round, and go all out on special days like #GivingTuesday or First United's #UnitedActsofKindness day each February 17th.

There's no better time to give back than now! These simple ways will make a positive impact by spreading tidings of comfort and joy to your customers, employees, and community this holiday and beyond.

By First United Bank